Nourishing Norfolk Network to reach 12,000 people

Norfolk Community Foundation’s Nourishing Norfolk Network now boasts 10 hubs, supporting 3.5k households with affordable food.

The Pantry, Kenninghall

As we approach the end of the year, partners within Empowering Communities have acknowledged how the socio-economic landscape has shifted dramatically in the last 12-months. For the Nourishing Norfolk scheme things have similarly changed since the initial targets were set. Nourishing Norfolk started off as a response to Covid, but the troubles brought on by the pandemic have since been amplified massively by the cost of living crisis. When The Burrell Store (the county’s first social supermarket) opened in Thetford in 2020, it took six-months to sign up its first 150 households. When The Feed Social Supermarket opened in Norwich this year, it took less than a week to reach this number. Need for social supermarkets is continually growing, especially in the most deprived areas of Norfolk.

As the cost of living crisis deepens, the Norfolk Community Foundation are keen to share news of the growing network of food hubs with charity and community partners. The hubs are not foodbanks: they provide low-cost food and do not require referrals. People do not have to provide proof of income to make use of the service. They just need to give a name and postcode.

Norfolk Community Foundation’s Nourishing Norfolk Network is growing faster than ever, with two new hubs opening this month: the Coastal Community Supermarket and The Pantry, Kenninghall. The Foundation expects another five food hubs to open before the end of the year, bringing the total to fifteen.

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