Cost of Living Impact on VCSEs

Naomi from New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) presents results from NPC’s research on the impacts of the cost of living crisis on VCSEs and introduces NPC’s Local Needs Databank.

Match Your Mission: A Different Perspective on HR

Rad HR led a conversation about how to avoid oppressive power dynamics in our approach to HR and how we can create policies that aren’t just there to project an organisation but also the people within them.

Accounting for Charities

This video explains the importance of: Setting budgets and how they fit with the strategic plans of your charity; ensuring that accounts are fit for purpose and compliant; and putting in place good risk assessment procedures.

NCAN referral system introduction video

Are you often not sure what organisation to signpost a service-user to, and do you wonder if they are able to follow up with this or what has happened? This video introduces the NCAN Referral System and how it can help!