Steering Group

Empowering Communities is a partnership committed to developing the strength and effectiveness of the VCSE sector in Norfolk in order to meet the needs of communities within Norfolk.

To ensure the programme delivers maximum benefit to the VCSE sector, we will:

  • Put in place a Steering Group, with sector representation, external stakeholders and commissioning leads to ensure value and independence
  • Acknowledge the potential for conflict-of-interest issues, given that some partners also deliver services, and will explain how we are managing and mitigating associated conflicts on a regular basis
  • Put in place a complaints and concerns process to be ‘held’ by an external member of the Steering Group
  • Be transparent about the Programme arrangements, and report regularly on deliverables and outcomes
  • Seek evidence and input from the VCSE and wider stakeholders to shape an offer that reflects emerging needs
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the partner organisations delivering the Empowering Communities Programme