Strategic Voice

We are committed to supporting the sector to amplify its voice and aim to ensure that groups and organisations have the opportunity to speak for themselves, enabling a greater diversity of voices to access strategic forums.

Our role is to enable both large and small VCSE organisations to engage and contribute in a way that is meaningful for them, we recognise that the VCSE sector is diverse and will not always speak with one voice – we believe that by supporting and championing diversity of views and perspectives we can collectively reach better outcomes.

If you have an issue to raise, get in touch, via we will be able to advise the best network or forum for you, and raise issues with our commissioning partner Norfolk County Council.

The empowering communities programme delivers and participates in the following key strategic voice forums and networks:

The Voluntary Sector Forum (Children, Young People and Families)

The Voluntary Sector Forum is a well established and respected forum for VCSE organisations working with children, young people, and families, to come together to discuss the issues that are important to them and their communities.

You can find out more about the forum here.

Norfolk’s VCSE Leaders’ Voice Network

Launched on 18th July 2022 this Network aims to provide a valued space for leaders to come together to share their experiences and expertise, to support each other through the challenges of leading an organisation, and identify solutions and opportunities.  The Empowering Communities Partnership (ECP) hopes that collectively VCSE leaders will actively engage in and take ownership of the development of this Network, supported by ECP, to ensure it reflects the needs and voices of VCSE leaders across the sector.  For more information click here.

The VCSE Health and Social Care Assembly

Voluntary Norfolk and Community Action Norfolk have been part of the Assembly project from the beginning, we are committed to supporting the Assembly and working collaboratively with VCSE and statutory partners within the Integrated Care System (ICS) it as it develops further.

You can find out more about the assembly here.