List of forums & networks

Empowering Communities Forums and Networks

The Voluntary Norfolk Network

The Voluntary Norfolk (VN) Network is for Norfolk-based charities, community groups, social enterprises and volunteer involving organisations. By joining the network you will have access to networking events and our online ‘pin-board’ enabling you to access and share information throughout the network. For further information and to sign up visit: The Voluntary Norfolk Network | Voluntary Norfolk

VCSE Leadership Network

This Network supports those in leadership roles within Norfolk’s VCSE sector by creating a space for relationships and collaborations to develop and experiences to be shared. By making connections and sharing challenges, we aim to build our collective strength and influence. The Network also aims to support those in leadership roles to work effectively and develop their confidence, providing peer support and sharing of lived experiences.

The VCSE Leadership Network meets quarterly, alternating between hybrid and online. To join, please sign up to the Voluntary Norfolk Network here and tick the box to join the VCSE Leadership Network, or email

Volunteer Coordinators Network

Voluntary Norfolk runs a network for Volunteer Coordinators and Managers, providing a space to learn from peers and share challenges. To join the network or find out more contact

Voluntary Sector Forum for Children Young People and Families

The Voluntary Sector Forum (Children, Young People and Families) is for voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations that provide services to children, young people and their families in Norfolk.   The Forum provides a means for two-way engagement between the VCSE and statutory partners and a space for members to raise key issues that impact on our sector and those we represent.

For more information, visit Voluntary Sector Forum | Momentum ( or contact:

NCAN Strategic Partnership meetings

These meetings are open to all and bring representatives together from the VCSE, Health and Local Authority sectors. The meetings host expert speakers and facilitate discussions around key areas of interest, linked to advice issues.  They take place every 2 months. For more information and video recordings of previous meetings visit  or contact

EC Partner & other Networks & Forums

Momentum Youth Work Network

The Momentum (Norfolk) YW Network is a space for Youth Workers working in voluntary and community organisations with 11-19 year and provides an informal peer support session to help youth workers to run high quality, safe and inclusive services for young people. The Network provides a space for youth workers to share successes and discuss their needs in a friendly and supportive environment. For more information, visit New Youth Work Network | Momentum (  or contact: Charlotte at

New Anglia Social Investment Partnership

The New Anglia Social Investment Partnership is a group of Suffolk and Norfolk organisations who share the common goal of supporting social enterprises to grow and thrive by accessing appropriate social finance to increase their impact in the community.

The partnership is VCSE sector led (Community Action Suffolk and Voluntary Norfolk). Find out more here: Home – NASIP

VCSE Health and Social Care Assembly

The Voluntary Sector Health and Social Care Assembly is an opportunity for voluntary and community sector groups, large and small, to play a greater role in the future design & delivery of health and social care services in Norfolk & Waveney. The EC Partnership is represented in the Assembly governance, and Voluntary Norfolk and Community Action Norfolk have been key partners in its development. Find out more here.

Sir Norman Lamb Coalition for Young People

The Sir Norfolk Lamb Coalition brings together Norfolk-based VCSE organisations working with children and young people to help strengthen their existing services and encourage and promote innovation to enrich our children and young people’s lives. Coalition members get access to networking, funding and training opportunities. Find out more here: Sir Norman Lamb Coalition for Young People | Norfolk Community Foundation (

Good Neighbour and Mutual Aid Support Network

The CAN Norfolk Good Neighbour Network is open to existing Good Neighbour Schemes as well as other community support groups such as mutual aid groups and community car schemes, which are committed to creating a safe and sustainable group in their area. For more information, visit  Norfolk Good Neighbours

West Norfolk VCSE Hub

The West Norfolk VCSE Hub is a way for groups large and small to connect, talk about the things that matter to them, explore ways of working together, and share good practice. Hub members also receive and share information to keep organisations in West Norfolk aware of resources available to them. For more information visit West Norfolk VCSE Hub – Collaboration and communication in action | Community Action Norfolk  or contact:

Eastern Community Homes Hub Supporting Community Led Housing

Our aim is to make affordable homes that support local people in the East of England.  We increase supply for new homes through community-led housing projects. With our expertise, support and funding we can bring these to life. For more information, visit  Eastern Community Homes | Home | For people creating housing together

Non-EC partner networks

Norfolk Green Care Network

The Norfolk Green Care Network is for community organisations that are actively involved or interested in fostering Green Care activities that in some way deliver ‘nature connections’ for people.

For more information, visit Norfolk Green Care Network | Connecting People with Nature (

The Outdoor Projects Network

A network for community groups in Norwich that work to deliver neighbourhood projects that are based outdoors. The aims of the network are to offer information to groups through targeted emails, bring the groups together to network, share ideas and successes and to raise awareness of what others are doing in the city.

For more information, visit: Outdoor Projects Network – Organisation in Norwich ( or contact:

The Food Network

The Norwich Food Network is for groups that work to alleviate food poverty across Norwich and to come together to network, share information and find ways to work together.

For more information, visit: Norwich Food Network – Organisation in Norwich ( or contact: