Nourishing Norfolk Network Launch

Last month the Norfolk Community Foundation held a special event to launch their Nourishing Norfolk Network. This Network brings together groups of all sizes who work at a grassroots level to ensure communities have access to affordable, healthy food. Established last year, the network provides mutual support, advice, and information to help combat food insecurity and make sure no-one in Norfolk goes hungry.

Everyone in Norfolk should be able to eat well, every day. That doesn’t mean having to rely on one of the emergency food parcels that are currently a lifeline for many families, and it should not mean having to fill your shopping basket with cheaper, low nutrition food either. It means everyone being able to afford to choose the food they would like to buy; so they can put together well-balanced, nutritious meals.

For more information on the Nourishing Norfolk Network and the food hubs open please head to Norfolk Community Fund website.

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