My Charity Commission Account advice and information

There are some important updates from the Government relating to submitting your Charity’s annual return and how to set up a ‘My Charity Commission Account’.

‘My Charity Commission Account’ is a new way for trustees and charity contacts to access the Charity Commission’s online services. It can also be used by other people you have authorised, such as your accountant or lawyer.

The online services include updating charity details, submitting annual returns, and making changes to a governing document, a charity’s name or financial year end.

Over time, through ‘My Charity Commission Account’, you will receive tailored support and information to help you to run your charity well.

Each account is individual – you have your own email sign-in and password. You will also be able to view all your charities through one account if you use the same email address for each of your charities. This is something we recommend.

The level of access to our online services is determined by the type of account you have and the services and information you need. This access will be managed by the charity’s contact.

This means the right people can continue to do what they need to on behalf of your charity. It also ensures the information we hold about you and your charity remains secure.


So, when is this happening?

The changes will be rolled out in two stages, with Stage 1 planned for November 2022 to March 2023 and Stage 2 from Spring 2023 onwards. At this stage your ‘My Charity Commission Account’ will ‘go live’. This will be the new way you access your online services.

Next steps for charity contacts and trustees:

  • continue using your existing details to log in to our online services using the current sign-in page
  • ensure your charity contact email address is current. If your charity contact does not have an email address, or the email address is incorrect, update this using our “update charity details” service. Please ensure all other information we hold about your charity is correct
  • look out for an email from the Commission (if you are the charity contact). This will include details of how to set up your account


Types of account

Your account, and your level of access to our online services, will depend on your role within, or relationship with, the charity. You can find the different accounts, with the corresponding levels of access, here.


What if I need help and advice on ‘My Charity Commission Account’?

If you are a charity contact who needs support or advice during phase 1, then contact the Charity Commission. You can do so in one of the following ways:

You can find further details and up-to-date information here.

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