Impact Report Summary

Here you’ll find a summary of our impact report and the next steps for the Empowering Communities Partnership. The Empowering Communities Partnership was launched in October 2021 with 4 key priorities, to:

  • Provide a single, joined-up, VCSE sector support programme
  • Encourage and enable wider volunteer engagement
  • Build VCSE capacity, capabilities, and sustainability
  • Strengthen VCSE leadership and collective voice

Now, two years into the programme we are delighted to share our impact report for the first 18 months  with you. It gives an overview of the wide range of partner services that have been delivered, and some feedback from you.

Over the course of the programme, the partnership has engaged with over 1200 VCSE staff and volunteers, and delivered over 75 training and good practice sessions, and the Get InVOLved Norfolk volunteering portal has over 2000 people registered for volunteering, a 40% increase on the previous portal.

Feedback from one of our networking events, was that the event provided: “Space to think and be creative. New contacts. Validation that some of the challenges I face in my job are shared with others.” And in response to the new volunteering portal, one user said: “I’ve just given the new GetInVOLved website a go and wanted to let you know that I’m really impressed by it. It’s a huge step up from the last site, so easy to use and search for roles, I’ve been tempted by a couple myself!”

Next steps

Over the coming year, we will continue to build on the successes of the first 18 months, by delivering training, workshops, seminars, one-to-one support via ProHelp sessions, networking opportunities and spaces to engage strategically.

And we will continue to use your feedback to tailor the offer to best meet the needs of the sector. If you have feedback about the Empowering Communities Partnership programme, we always want to hear it. Please send any feedback, comments or otherwise to .

Empowering Communities is delivered via a grant from Norfolk County Council (NCC). If you would like to contact NCC directly, you can do so by emailing

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