Have your say on the new County Deal for Norfolk

Norfolk County Council are very keen to hear your views on the new County Deal for Norfolk. This deal, agreed in principle with the government in December, would result in £600 million plus in funding for Norfolk that could unlock opportunities to deliver more jobs, housing and investment, with major powers and funding transferred from Westminster to Norfolk.


What is the County Deal?

Under the County Deal for Norfolk, the county would receive a £20 million investment fund every year for 30 years. That’s a total of £600 million in new investment. There would also be specific funding for integrated transport, brownfield development, adult education, and infrastructure, all of which would involve decisions being made locally on how to spend the money in Norfolk.

Agreeing the deal would mean that, from 2024 onwards, Norfolk County Council could:

  • Target funding and resources to Norfolk’s own priorities
  • Attract and retain new and key businesses and sectors
  • Invest in the skills we know we need
  • Unlock housing and employment sites
  • Have a council leader who is directly elected by the public, with the first election in May 2024
  • Raise the county’s profile nationally, enabling our voice to be heard by Government and help shape future policies
  • The County Council and Government are “minded” to agree a deal and that further steps, including public consultation, will be taken before any final decision.


How to make your views heard

The Council now wants to hear what you think about the proposed County Deal for Norfolk and what you feel it means for local residents.  The public consultation will run until 20th of March. You can complete it by going to: www.norfolk.gov.uk/norfolkcountydeal . The consultation asks you for your opinion on the in-principle devolution agreement.  You can also find out about a series of public events that will be taking place over the next few weeks.

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