Norfolk VCSE Leaders Voice Network Update

Below is an update about the Norfolk VCSE Leaders Voice Network and how they plan to promote the sector generally going forward…

With Empowering Communities now well established as Norfolk’s partnership VCSE sector support programme, we are pausing to reflect and evaluate elements of the programme.  Much has changed over the past 18 months, with key developments in the establishment of the Integrated Care System (ICS) last summer, and the launch of the VCSE Assembly, and the on-going cost-of living crisis.

The Leaders Voice Network was established last year, after a full conversation with sector leaders around what they felt was needed, outside of the ICS VCSE partnership work, to support leaders’ voice and strategic working within the sector.  Over the summer we are pausing Network sessions, to make some changes to the format and administration. We would like to take this opportunity to review the network offer.

We would very much welcome your thoughts on what you feel is needed to support VCSE leaders locally. Please complete it regardless of whether you have attended a session before or not!  To do this please complete this short survey by Monday 10th July.

We will be using the results of this survey to inform the future VCSE Leaders Voice Network offer. We will of course share this through our Empowering Communities Newsletter.

What is the Norfolk VCSE Leaders Voice Network?

We launched the VCSE Leaders’ Voice Network on 18th July 2022. The aim was to provide a valued space for sector leaders to come together to share their experiences and expertise. They would support each other through the challenges of leading an organisation, and identify solutions and opportunities.  The Empowering Communities Partnership hopes that VCSE leaders will take ownership of the development of this Network’. The Empowering Communities Partnership will support it to ensure it reflects the needs and voices of VCSE leaders.

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