Vision for Volunteering launched

The Vision for Volunteering was launched in May 2022.  The development of the Vision was led by five national volunteering infrastructure organisations, NCVO, NAVCA, Volunteering Matters, The Association of Volunteer Managers and Sport England, which engaged widely, receiving contributions from more than 350 people from 300 organisations who attended workshops and made submissions.  Voluntary Norfolk participated in the workshops which focussed on different themes, such as, health and wellbeing, climate emergency, building resilient communities.

The Vision for Volunteering is intended as a starting point to promote a conversation about the future of volunteering across the country.  The partners hope that decision makers and volunteer-involving organisations of all kinds will use the Vision as a framework as they look at the future of volunteering in their areas.

The five key themes for the Vision are as follows:

Awareness and Appreciation

We want a future in which volunteering is further ingrained in the collective psyche, is part of everyone’s life, and in which it’s always easy to find ways to make a difference.


We want a future where the power of volunteers and communities is recognised and supported, allowing everyone to engage within their community, identify what matters to them and build the future they want to see.

Equity and inclusion

We want volunteering to be accessible and welcoming to everyone, everywhere, so that the benefits of volunteering are equally distributed.


We want a future where collaboration can be natural, fluid, flexible and spontaneous, with collaboration actively encouraged and barriers to it tackled.


We want innovation, experimentation and embracing flexibility to be a natural, constant part of volunteering, not just a temporary bolt-on in times of crisis or Covid.


For each theme, the Vision identifies how these ambitions might look for organisations and volunteers.  You can find more details of the five themes and the 10-year vision on the Vision for Volunteering website The Vision — Vision for Volunteering

Voluntary Norfolk welcomes this bold vision for volunteering and with the Empowering Communities Partnership we use the Vision for Volunteering as our starting point for conversations locally to help shape an ambitious system wide local strategy for volunteering in Norfolk, which works for the VCSE and communities in Norfolk – watch out for more details.

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