Support for the VCSE Sector highlights: Summer 2023


This summer we’ve continued to work hard to provide support for the VCSE sector in Norfolk. Here is a list of the things we’ve offered by way of SUPPORT, TRAINING EVENTS AND NETWORKING:

Norfolk ProHelp

Norfolk ProHelp has matched 68 professional organisations with local charities and community groups this year to provide tailored advice and support. This ranged from websites, signage printing, fundraising support to HR, legacy and legal advice.
“Norfolk ProHelp Scheme has provided Village Orchard East CIC with undeniable and crucial support when it was needed most…Running a small not-for-profit means there are inevitable skills gaps in our team and knowing the ProHelp scheme is there as a back-up has given us confidence in business-critical decisions. I cannot express my gratitude enough!”
Let’s Talk About Fundraising
Let’s Talk About Fundraising breakfasts has enabled 5 organisations per month to take part in round-table discussions with a chance to ask questions about their individual fundraising strategies. Everyone has rated the three events so far as 5/5.
“Really helpful to be in a small group face to face and be able to ask questions and discuss, to sit around a table and talk, relevant subject matter.”
“Useful to hear from someone who has extensive knowledge and experience of fundraising, we don’t often have the opportunity to have those conversations face to face.”
Trustee Training

Trustee Training delivered by CAN in July highlighted the benefits of learning opportunities that build governance skills. 19 participants attended the interactive session which covered trustee types, responsibilities, reporting requirements, conflict of interest, liability, AGMs and more.

100% of feedback rated the session as” good” to “excellent” with quotes:

“brilliant and I would like to send more of the trustees on something like this”
“Gave me some good insight into how to manage my Charity more effectively”.

The attendance level and positive response demonstrates the need for this type of support for the VCSE sector, at a time when 53% of new cases that CAN worked with in July related to governance issues.

Measuring Social Impact

Measuring Social Impact was the theme of a well-attended networking meeting in Norwich in July, and an in-depth webinar in August organised by FUSE.

A total of 58 social entrepreneurs, Social enterprise staff and founders, and other charities and voluntary groups attended.

“Good conversations and helpful advice around impact. Was my first Fuse event and a great one to start with!”
“Connection/reconnection with local contacts, start of properly looking at generating (non-grant) income, impact measurement ideas.”

Networking Session

A Voluntary Norfolk Networking session took place at Sheringham Little Theatre and was attended by 23 staff and volunteers from 18 organisations, many of whom were new contacts. We discussed issues relevant to North Norfolk’s high proportion of older people, patchy transport links, and high rates of loneliness, followed by networking with contacts new and established.

“Connecting with others and also interesting to see some statistics for North Norfolk and maybe areas where any potential partnerships can support the community”
“It was excellent to hear how other organisations were engaging with diverse audiences/visitors, and addressing issues of equity and inclusion”
“Great to meet other organisations in the area and find out about what challenges they are facing in the current climate”

Voluntary Sector Forum for Children, Young People and Families

The Voluntary Sector Forum for Children, Young People and Families, which was attended by 21 people, heard a presentation about the Health & Social Care Assembly by Daniel Williams, the VCSE Partnering Lead. There was a lively discussion about the assembly, how it linked to the work of Forum members, and points raised for Daniel to take back to the Assembly.


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