Norfolk Women and Girls Survey

One of our partners – the Norfolk Community Foundation (NCF) – have launched a new Women and Girls Survey. They hope it will help them better understand the needs of women and girls in Norfolk.

As part of a relaunch of the Norfolk Community Foundation’s Together for Women and Girls programme, Norfolk Community Foundation are reaching out to women in the county to find out what challenges and barriers they face. Women and girls will have the chance to voice their opinions on topics ranging from health and personal safety to employment and the cost of living. Those who complete the Women and Girls Survey also have the chance to win a £25 voucher. You can take the survey here.

Head of Programmes Laura Wigby said: “The last time we ran a project specifically focusing on women was before the pandemic. A lot has changed since then. We’re keen to hear from women and girls across Norfolk. We want to learn more about the challenges and barriers they face so we can make better decisions about where to target support. Employment was a key issue last time we funded projects. But more recently we have noticed more conversations around personal safety and mental health. We’re determined to understand what will make the biggest difference to women and girls in Norfolk. We’re very keen to ensure people’s donations are used effectively to achieve a bigger impact.”

The Foundation also recently released Focus Group Funding for groups to speak to women about their needs. Although funding has ended, there is still the opportunity to participate voluntarily in the focus group project. Contact for more information.

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