NCAN Visit to Parliament about Cost-of-Living Emergency

Last week representatives from one of our partners – NCAN – undertook a visit to parliament and meet with Norfolk MPs in Westminster. They went there to discuss the cost-of-living emergency and implore them to support our three national asks:

  1. Increase benefits in line with inflation in order that they keep pace with the true cost of living
  2. Increase the National living wage to the Real Living Wage, as announced by the Living Wage Foundation (£10.90 an hour outside London), payable to all regardless of age.
  3. Greatly reduce the time it takes to process all new and ongoing benefit claims, health care assessments, mandatory reconsiderations, and appeals so claimants are not left without benefits to which they are entitled for prolonged period

Disappointingly only 4 of the 9 MPs themselves were in attendance, however representatives from the advice sector were able to ask challenging questions around government policy.

It was an opportunity to effectively portray the impact this emergency is having both locally and nationally, and asked MPs to reflect on the need for sustainable systemic change through their voting records.

NCAN’s latest Strategic Partnership meeting was on Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 10:00am. This was a chance for partners to hear about the visit to parliament in more detail and talk about outcomes and potential next steps.

NCAN would like to thank anyone who wrote to their MP urging them to attend. The real work starts now as we wait to see how they respond to this ongoing emergency.

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