Launching ‘Be Ready 2’

Launching ‘Be Ready 2’: Creating employment and skills opportunities…

Whilst schools, colleges and universities have been closed for the summer, our partners, Norfolk Community Foundation have been busy connecting with local businesses to build work-based opportunities for people all over Norfolk to improve their skills and secure experience. Perfect for people looking to take their first steps into employment or gain some more confidence and experience, the ‘Be Ready 2’ videos feature local businesses providing top tips and practical advice.

Open Road West Norfolk (a charity that provides skills and employment opportunities for young people). Credit: Open Road West Norfolk

The ‘Be Ready 2’ project aims to get you from where you are to where you want to be and is perfect for young people looking to take their first steps into employment, as well as those later in life wanting to gain some more confidence and experience. Supported by the Inclusive Economy Project, Norfolk Community Foundation have worked with a range of businesses such as Atkinson Moss Recruitment, Aviva, Flagship Housing and Warren Services to produce a number of informative and easy to understand videos to help people ‘Be Ready 2’ have an interview, providing top tips and advice on preparing for the big day.

Click here to watch the videos and find out more about the Inclusive Economy Project Gateway, an online portal to help match people’s interests and abilities with the right training and job opportunities.

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