Empowering Communities Training and Events

Learning and development through our programme of training and events are central to Empowering Communities’ aim to create a vibrant and sustainable voluntary and community sector in Norfolk.  We recognise that we are part of a very diverse sector and as such a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not be practical.  Instead, we are offering a menu of training opportunities, where organisations of every size and shape will find something that is useful to them:


Training sessions are usually delivered online to a limited number of participants so there is plenty of space for discussion and questions.   Subjects for training are identified from feedback gathered from the sector and have included GDPR, trustee training and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community Awareness.

Webinars and One to One Sessions

The Norfolk Community Foundation Pro-Help network of local businesses share their expertise via webinars or in bookable one-to-one slots.  Sessions are shaped around issues that VCSE sector organisations are currently facing.  The one-to-one slots are an opportunity to talk with an expert about your specific organisation.  Over the coming months there is the chance to hear from and interact with a wide range of business professionals, including HR and Marketing professionals, Chartered Accountants and Solicitors.

Good Practice Workshops

These online workshops are a platform for staff and volunteers from voluntary and community organisations to share knowledge, ideas and solve problems together.  The sessions include break out time for discussions and networking.  This year topics include volunteer wellbeing, community engagement, encouraging young people to get involved with green projects and safeguarding resources in Norfolk.

The Training and Events team aims to be responsive to emerging issues and is always keen to receive suggestions for future topics.

Contact details for more information 

If you have any ideas, questions or would like further information about the programme please either visit Upcoming Events – Empowering Communities (ecnorfolk.org.uk) or email enquiries@ecnorfolk.org.uk

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