Empowering Communities: Our Impact Report

Empowering Communities has been operating for over 18months. In that time we are proud of the work we have done. You can read about it in the Empowering Communities Impact Report, which covers the period October 2021-March 2023.

Empowering Communities is a partnership of local organisations that support voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations of all sizes across Norfolk. The key partners are Voluntary Norfolk, Community Action Norfolk, and Norfolk Community Foundation. Additional knowledge and expertise is provided by Norfolk Community Advice Network and FUSE Norwich (from April 2023).

Our combined services and know-how cover the whole of Norfolk and represent a rich body of contacts, experience, specialist and local knowledge built up over many years. The partnership is supported by funding from Norfolk County Council until September 2024.

Empowering Communities is becoming a recognised and trusted brand through which the partners deliver a comprehensive range of support services.

Our goal is for Norfolk to have a thriving, sustainable and diverse VCSE sector that embraces innovation and change to deliver high-quality, trusted services. Empowering Communities also aims to ensure that VCSE organisations have access to supportive networks, valued resources, and relevant skills to enable collaborative working within and across sectors. Finally we are working to ensure that the VCSEs are recognised by key funders and stakeholders as equal partners in making Norfolk a fairer and more inclusive place to live.

How have we achieved our goals?

Our Impact Report outlines how we have achieved our goals and made a difference to Norfolk’s VCSEs. We have done that by:

  • Providing a single, joined-up, VCSE sector support programme.
  • Encouraging and enabling wider volunteer engagement.
  • Building VCSE capacity and capabilities & sustainability.
  • Strengthening VCSE leadership and collective voices.

Empowering Communities Impact Report cover You can read the full Empowering Communities Impact Report here. It explains how we have supported VCSE organisations of all sizes across Norfolk during our first 18months.


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