Digital Inclusion Strategy Feedback Wanted

As part of Norfolk County Council’s digital inclusion strategy, they want to learn more about the work that is already happening in Norfolk. They are keen to understand what support organisations need and what support these groups offer.

Norfolk County Council (NCC) plan to use the information gathered to map the existing digital offer, help them identify any needs/ gaps and ensure that they don’t duplicate work already underway. NCC are using an online form to collect this information – please find some information about the work and a link to the online form below.


Background to the digital inclusion strategy

In 2021 the council refreshed its digital inclusion strategy. By digital inclusion NCC mean people in Norfolk who:

  • are able and confident in using computers, tablets, smart phones and the internet.
  • have access to the internet through broadband, wi-fi and mobile
  • can easily access services if they use assistive technology

They are starting a major project with the help of partners to put their strategy into action.

NCC are aware that there is already a significant amount of work that others in Norfolk are doing to support people to get online and to increase their skills and confidence with computers and the internet.

To help them prevent duplication and identify what support is still required, NCC would be very grateful if VCSE organisations in Norfolk could tell them about any services or support that each VCSE group is offering by way of digital inclusion. This is best done by completing their online form by 9th September. By sharing this information with NCC, the council can see what services are being offered to who, and where. This will help them get a better picture of what’s going on and where the gaps might be.

NCC are also interested in finding out more about the digital needs of the people that VCSE groups support. In particular:

  • what these organisations need to deliver this support,
  • how they could help the VCSE sector,
  • and more about particular groups own digital needs.

Lastly, if any VCSE organisations are interested in finding out more about the strategy and how they can get involved, then the council would love to hear from you.

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