New fund now open!

The Empowering Communities for Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund is now open!

The Empowering Communities for Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund will enable voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations across Norfolk and Waveney to provide support to the following three priority areas:

  • Men’s Wellbeing

Men who are experiencing life challenges or barriers to accessing services, who might be supported to engage with others and find the right help.

  • Families

Families with children under the age of 18 to improve relationships, manage worries and mental wellbeing.

  • Adults with Long Term Physical Health Conditions

People who have long term physical health conditions who may struggle to maintain good mental health and wellbeing while dealing with a physical health challenge.

This funding, created by Norfolk County Council’s Public Health Department, aims to develop, and strengthen individual projects which focus on one priority area. Applications are welcome from organisations with a strong track record of delivering support in a relevant area.

The overarching aims of the fund are as follows:

  • Deliver tailored support for communities to increase mental wellbeing through befriending, arts, leisure, sports, culture, or other appropriate community interventions.
  • Contribute to resilient communities and individuals, prevent mental ill health, and promote wellbeing. The aim of the fund is to prevent mental ill health, and therefore we do not seek to fund mental health specific services (i.e. Counselling) or interventions targeting people with a diagnosed mental illness
  • Support the mental wellbeing of residents experiencing challenges relating to the wider determinants of health such as employment, debt, or housing concerns, those experiencing loneliness and without strong support networks.
  • Funded VCSE organisations are able to signpost individual residents or families to the appropriate service if this is required.

For more details on the fund and who can apply, please head to the NCF webpage here.

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